Blue whale brand
Blue Whale is a comprehensive yacht enterprise which produces yachts, fishing yachts and is a sale agency of import yachts . It is founded in 2010. In 2010, the 43 foot, diesel oil, and high-speed fishing boat was jointly launched. And the first 60 foot fishing yacht in China was launched at the same year. The concept of fishing yacht was first established. In 2012, the company began as an agent for the sales of American PURSUIT, Italian SESSA, ABSOLUTE, Dubai SILVER CRAFT fishing yachts and Japan Yamaha fishing yachts. Since 2015, the company has gradually launched: Blue Whale 360 high-speed diesel fishing yachts, Blue Whale 540 fishing yachts, Blue Whale 390 fishing yachts, WA505, F520, F605 series of long-distance fishing yachts in class II navigation area.
All kinds
National organization certification
Fashionable and dynamic appearance
High quality and safety
Brand advantage
Our advantages in China for more than ten years of sustained and steady development, so that the company can continue to develop our unique advantages, and in the industry continue to maintain the brand of strong consulting implementation ability and vigorous innovation and development. The company mainly deals in high-end yachts. We have too much harvest, we will abide by the integrity of business, attentive service, to create effective value for customers!