• Control the more distant
    Control the more distant, broad
    and full of mysterious unknown sea

  • Blue sky clouds waves like
    seagulls flying general elegant,
    comfortable leisure

  • Listen to the white waves
    lapping the yacht, let the boat dancing on the waves in the sky

  • Keen to promote yachting culture
    we invite you to experience the yacht life 100 Luwei Yacht Club



Blue Whale Yacht Club is the most professional yacht sales and service company in Northern China.Our service is very comprehensive, including sales of domestic and international boats and yachts, yacht charters, yacht maintenance, licensing etc. Blue Whale Yacht Club is agent for ABSOLUTE(Italian luxury yacht brand), PURSUIT(U.S fishing and cruising boa brand),HANSE(German sailing boat brand), TIARA(U.S Luxury yacht brand) and many other luxury yachts, sailing boats and fishing boats. For us, after-sale is also very important. We pay great attention to after-sales services like VIP events and sea trials.